Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Ab Samjhe - Sai Naam by Manhar Udhas

Herewith sharing another bhajan album by Shri. Manhar Udhas. Personally i am big fan of his bhajans more because of its lyrics. They are so meaningful and practical. They throws a ray of light on how a person has to deal while treading on this path of devotion and how the life actually is dealt. Such great lyrics are a gift to us by Late Shri Pandit Razdaan. How close he must be to Lord Sai Baba, that he could compose lyrics so beautifully and put advices for a common man who is suffering in all aspects of his life due to effect of this Kaliyug.

This is first track of the Album - Sai Naam sung by Shri. Manhar Udhas.

It says that the poet (i would address bhajans not by singer's point of view but of poet's i.e. Late Shri Pandit Razdaan) has realised how and why Lord Sai Baba's name is Supreme by being devoted and surrendered to Him.

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