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Devotees of Lord Sai Baba express their devotion in some or the other form. Even He injects in them such a talent that stands out of the crowd and such an example is portrayed in today’s post.

Few weeks before, i received an audio in Whatsapp and it was sung by a lady devotee. I saw its notification but somehow it got overlooked and later i forgot about it. However, after some days, i accidently clicked on that chat window and the audio started playing. Co-incidently (definitely Sai-incidently), i was having headphones plugged and i loved bhajan. I immediately, replied her about mesmerizing voice and requested her to sing more original bhajans. This domain was out of her reach and she could sing only those bhajans which were already written and sung. But then was skeptical about copyrights of bhajans she wish to sing. She was happy on receiving positive feedback but then she was also confident that copyright issues will be taken care by Lord Baba provided she sings and records bhajans. Things got shape and she surprisingly sent me a video of below bhajan yesterday. Well this is something that we commonly come across for movie songs but this one is quite unique. She would be singing more bhajans and videos will be uploaded regularly on blog.

If you wish any bhajan to be sung by her, kindly leave it in comment section of this post, so that we cant track your choice and pick up for recording.


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